Capital Campaign (Environmental Initiative)
To reduce our impact on the Earth's natural resources we are continually greening the Folk School campus. To ensure this commitment, an Environmental Sustainability Initiative is a component of Forging the Future: The Capital Campaign for the John C. Campbell Folk School. From this campaign $220,000 will go toward:

Field House
Our new energy-efficient solar student house

Stewardship Award
The John C. Campbell Folk School was presented with the Stewardship Award from the North Carolina Center for Non-Profits in 2004. This highest honor was based on good management, community service and sustainable environmental practices.

Little Brasstown Creek
An ecological restoration project with the Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition, Inc.

Appalachian Native Botanical Sanctuary
Preservation site with Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Project
Ecological program partnered with Young Harris College

Printing Green


Vegetable and Fruit Gardens

Teaching Green


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